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Traditionally, most weddings took place in spring and summer. But in 2019, the top 7 popular wedding dates are all in September and October. And our favorite thing about a fall wedding? There’s so many fall decoration ideas and themes to try! In today’s blogpost, we suggest 3 floor wrap ideas to make your fall wedding the best it can be.

#1: The Classic Monogram

A classic monogram that combines the bride and groom’s initials is always a favorite for wedding designs. On ceremony programs, cakes and favors, it’s an elegant way to remind everyone of the meaning of your celebration.

With a custom floor wrap, you can place your wedding monogram literally at the heart of your event. Choose whether to place one large monogram in the center of the dance floor, or repeat the monogram as a subtle pattern on your wedding floor wrap.

#2: Fallen leaves

What comes into your mind when you think about fall? For us, it’s falling leaves – in glorious red, yellow, orange and brown tones. If you’re planning a fall-themed wedding, then consider a floor wrap that carpets your wedding with beautiful fall leaves. And of course, because it’s a printed design, you won’t have to worry about sweeping up all those leaves after the event…

#3: Fall colors for 2019

Finally, make sure your fall wedding design includes the latest colors for 2019. As the fall/winter fashion season begins, summer pastel colors are out.

So what’s in? Deep, rich, jewel tones! Think peacock blue, bottle green, soft purples and generous reds. Include fall colors in your wedding monogram, or ask for a wedding floor wrap which includes these colors in the design.