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Hiring an event venue is always a stressful process – whether you’re planning a business event, family celebration, wedding, birthday party, graduation or award ceremony. You have to manage the decorations, seating plan, and catering, stay on the job all the way through the event… and even worry about the clean-up afterwards. So it’s no wonder that event planners and organizers are always looking for ways to save some trouble. And here’s one idea that can save you a world of trouble: floor wraps.

What is a floor wrap?

A floor wrap is a temporary surface or cover that is installed over the original venue floor. It’s adhesive and temporary, so after your event, the floor wrap can simply be removed. With a thick layer of vinyl, it protects the surface underneath – and makes it comfortable for your guests to party all night long.

You won’t have to worry about spills, scrapes, or marks from high heels (every venue manager’s nightmare!). Because all our floor wraps are laminated, they’ll stand up to hard use, and still protect the floor beneath. You won’t even have to worry about glues or adhesives, because the floor wrap just lifts right off after your event is over.

Create the perfect impression

Now we’re getting to the best part: your event floor wrap can be customized with your design. Add a brand logo, a wedding monogram, your event color scheme, or even bright gold glitter. Get a floor wrap that’s designed, printed and installed to fit your event venue, so that every detail looks perfect.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to make your next event look perfect!