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Affiliate Program

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Are you an Event Company that is looking to grow their business? Do you already sell and wrap dance floors and are looking to boost sales and maximize installation skills? is the Largest dance floor wrap company in the United States and is always looking for local installers in your area. Joining our affiliate program maximizes your profits by professionally training your staff how to correctly install white and printed dance floors. We also train your company how to install monograms, aisles and stages. With our professional training, years of experience in the trade and using our special installation technique, you can cut install times up to 75% saving you money and being more efficient offering a better product. We also provide you with all the tools for perfecting installs. The perks don’t stop there. All of our affiliates receive special wholesale pricing on all materials and additional tools. PLUS receiving free marketing and advertising for your company locally!

If this is something that you and your company is interested in, please contact us today for more details and to get started at or call +1 561-293-4801.

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