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Aisles & Stage Wraps

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Want a grand entrance on your special day? How about a clean magazine quality runway for your forever photos? can create a seamless gorgeous look by wrapping your wedding or event aisle. We use the same professional grade material that we use for our dance floors. Same technique applies for printed aisles creating a luxurious marble look to designing a memory lane with photos of cherished moments!

To achieve this look you must have a subfloor to wrap as we cannot wrap on carpet or rough concrete (sidewalks). You have two options for this. Most people either lay down a long dance floor or we can wrap marine grade plywood as a subfloor. This is to ensure a seamless look.

Stage Wraps are the new trend. Creating a seamless, crisp and clean look to your wedding or event! We can also print on your stage wraps utilizing your logo/monogram or giving an elegant marble look to your stage. This creates a less industrial and more fairytale look to your event! To achieve this look, we use a special underlayment for the top and sides of the stage. We use this to give a smoother look and also most stages have carpet in which the vinyl cannot adhere to.

For more accurate pricing on aisles please have the total length and width or the aisle (including the dance floor edging if used). For stages please have total surface area for the top and sides (height of stage). Also include if you need the steps wrapped.

We are also able to provide aisle and stage wraps in a DIY Self Install Kit. Please email or call to inquire about pricing.