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Does it tear from shoes?

No, our vinyl is a 6mil material… Wrapmyfloor.com uses a thicker vinyl than anybody else in the business… All of our dance floor wraps are impervious to potential damage caused by high heels; however, if your guests’ shoes are dirty, there is a chance that scuff marks can occur.

Can the wrap damage the dance floor?

Wrapmyfloor.com uses a low adhesive vinyl making it 100% removable.  However, if a dance floor has a polyurethane coating or is of a terrazzo material, we will do a walkthrough or request pictures of the dance floor are sent to us to ensure no damage will be done. 

Unfortunately, It’s not possible to put the wrap directly onto concrete… you must have a subfloor to wrap as we cannot wrap on carpet or rough concrete (sidewalks). You have two options for this. Most people either lay down a long dance floor or we can wrap marine grade plywood as a subfloor. This is to ensure a seamless look.

Can I make the wrap any color I want?

Yes, you can… Wrapmyfloor.com uses a full-color wide format printer on all of our printed wraps. There is no limit to the number of colors or particular shades that we can add to your dance floor wrap design. We can even utilize textured vinyl to give your floor wrap that extra flair.

Yes, Stage Wraps are the new trend. Creating a seamless, crisp and clean look to your wedding or event! Wrapmyfloor.com can also print your logo/monogram or giving an elegant marble look to your stage. This creates a less industrial and more fairytale look to your event! To achieve this look, we use a special underlayment for the top and sides of the stage. We use this to give a smoother look and also most stages have carpet in which the vinyl cannot adhere to.

Can I wrap over the carpet?

Unfortunately, no, we can’t wrap over a carpeted surface… You have two options for this. Most people either lay down a long dance floor or we can wrap marine grade plywood as a subfloor. This is to ensure a seamless look.

Do I Have To Deal With The Removal Myself?

After your event is over, you can choose to remove the floor wrap by yourself or have a Wrapmyfloor.com team take care of it for you, for an additional fee. Our team of floor wrap removal specialists will always ensure that your floor wrap is removed precisely and carefully to ensure that the floor underneath remains damage-free.

When And What Time Would The Installation Take Place?

The installation process usually takes place the morning of or the night before the event. Just let us know what time will work best for you and we will make sure that your floor wrap is installed with as little interference as possible. 

Does The Floor Become Slippery With The Wrap?

Having a dance floor wrap installed on your dance floor will not change the overall texture of the floor; however, just like with any dance floor surface, it can become slippery if drinks are spilled on it.

How Much Does A Dance Floor Wrap Cost?

The cost of a dance floor wrap tends to vary based on the size of the dance floor being wrapped. The cost includes design, printing, installation, removal. If you are thinking about getting a dance floor wrap but are concerned about the price, give us a call or email, we will be more than happy to assist you.  

I Want An Average Size of Dance Floor

We’ve received significant numbers of people saying the size of the floor they wanted to wrap is the AVERAGE SIZE. There is no truth to this, there is no average size. Every dance floor or dance space has a size. In order to give an accurate quote, you might need to talk to your point-of-contact at your venue of choice for the exact size of their dance floor.

Size Of The Dance Floor

We charge per square foot, the larger the dance floor or dancing space the more material will be used, so a bigger dance floor means the price will be a little higher. But there’s no limit to how big a floor wrap can be! Whatever the size of your dance floor, you can turn it into a dancing area.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Floor Wrap?

Depending on the size of the dance floor, a dance floor wrap can take anywhere between 1 – 4 hours to install. We are always available to work with your schedule so that you can be rest assured knowing that your dance floor wrap will be installed on time for your event.

Is the Wrap reusable?

No, it’s a one-time application.