do you have a boring venue?

Bring Some Life To Your Boring Venue!!!

What material can I put my decals on?


  • Dancefloors
  • Tile Floors
  • ...Etc
  • Marblefloors
  • Painted Walls

Gloss/ Matte White Non-Printed Decal $2.00 Per Sq/Ft

Gloss/ Matte Colored Printed Decal $4.00 Per Sq/Ft

Gloss/ Matte Metallic Foil Non-Printed /Printed Decal $4.50 Per Sq/Ft
6mil UL Rated Non Slip Laminate Overlay +1.25 Per Sq/Ft
$1.25 Per Sq/Ft

Party May Last One Night But The Memories Last Forever